Episode 24: Just Be Chill

To celebrate the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, Courtney and Olivia tackle how you can make the world a more welcoming place to people who are having a hard time with mental health. We cover everything from approaching someone you're worried about to finding a therapist to providing long term support. Find out how you can be a real cool, awesome friend by listening.

Episode 23: What Does a Poopy Butthole Sound Like?

It's meandering, it's off the rails, it's a classic episode of Super Serious Social Justice! We have a new sound editor, Carly, and we take this opportunity to introduce them and share some of their thoughts and opinions on social justice, including hot takes like "what is a social justice sound editor?", "why are clothes sexist?", and "can we let the cats out?" 

Brianne's Birthday Minisode!

It's Brianne's birthday and we're celebrating with a minisode that contains not one segment covering the heartbeat bill in Iowa, but TWO WHOLE SEGMENTS covering the heartbeat bill in Iowa because we are good at communicating with each other. This is also our first episode with our new actual editor and we're SO EXCITED.

Episode 22: They're Curvy and They Fart a Lot

In today's episode we're not actually in the same physical space...we're hanging out at Orbit Con, an online conference for atheists who are into social justice! We decided to bring them the topic of body image this week, and it gets hairy (a bit like bodies). Listen in for Olivia going off the rails about philosophy, Brianne being thoughtful, and Courtney singing. Basically a regular episode.

Minisode 14

It's a minisode week, so we're back with quick hits on everything from Pregnancy Crisis Centers to Kesha. Get your social justice fix by checking in on the state of the world in a super serious manner.

Minisode 12

It's Minisode 12 and we're talking about International Women's Day, Barbies, the RGB documentary and more! Join us to learn a whole lot in less than 30 minutes.

Minisode 11

We're back with one of our patented minisodes. This week we're tackling everything from some truly awful topics that leave us in tears to things that make us giggle like nobody's watching (is that a phrase? It's a phrase now).